Deepen Awareness, Invite Joy


   Movement Fundamentals were developed in the work of Peggy Hackney, drawing from the work of Irmgard Bartenieff and Rudolf Laban. In these sessions we explore:

  • Initiation of movement starting from specific bodies;
  • Connection of different bodies to each other;
  • Sequencing of movement between parts of the body; and
  • Patterns of body organization and connectivity

In this process we may mark movement discoveries in art, words or simple movement choreography. Valuable for dancers, athletes and any mover wishing to become more fluent in his/her body.


Book Appointments for 55 or 85 minute sessions.


These sessions draw from the practice of Authentic Movement. There is no prescribed movement or teaching of movement in these sessions. Movers attune inwardly and move spontaneously in the presence of one who ‘witness’ the mover, also with an inward attention. Within a session, movers may find impulses to create art, draw, or write. Both mover and witness have an opportunity to share their experiences.

Sessions in Somatics are valuable for those wishing to move with an inward focus. Whether working with intentional bodily sensed connections or spontaneous movement, sessions can lead to discoveries that may bring up past and present emotions.


Book Appointments for 55 or 85 minute sessions.


   Movement Fundamentals and Transformative Movement Sessions draw from Julie’s work as a Certified Laban Bartenieff Movement Analyst and her work in Authentic Movement. Julie spent two years becoming a CLMA and two more assisting in Certification classes. She is a graduate from Moving On Center, Oakland where she was exposed to the field of Somatic Movement, Movement Therapy, Theatre Arts and more. She spent two years in Nepal studying Cultural Anthropology through Sonoma State University. In Nepal she encountered and apprenticed to teachers of Charya Nytra-(Ancient Temple Dances, literally meaning Daily Practice).

Her years spent training in meditation and early work with the practice of Authentic Movement inform her work as she guides sessions in Transformative Movement.