“A community, a family, is a group of people who share common stories. The health of any community depends directly on the health of the stories the community embraces.” – Daniel Taylor


move 2 Change Communities has worked in healing through movement for the past ten years. Our mission is to create engaging movement programs within minority, low income and youth communities to inspire, create and train movement programs to assist in healing, connecting and energizing communities to better support the lives of individuals, families and community members.

move 2 Change Communities is created in Oakland, Ca with focus in the following areas:

– Oakland Public Schools lacking in any kind of movement based program that focuses on healing and on developing community support systems, particularly within  After School Programs. Activities may include: dance, yoga, movement arts, somatic movement, pilates, creative movement, etc.

– movement programs to train and assist in employment of low income family members and single parents with a passion for teaching movement – build movement skills and movement inspired job opportunities for at risk youth

– work with current movement instructors to create movement curriculum and share techniques developed through move 2 Change Communities for the purposes of healing minority and low income individuals and communities.




“It takes a village to raise a child.” – African Proverb

Toddler’s move2Change is the first program to emerge out of move 2 Change Communities in Oakland, Ca. It is a program like no other as it connects minority and low income families with young children through movement, and teaches about the different cultures that make Oakland unique. Discussions regarding the cultural significance of  songs and dances gleaned from within our groups follow each movement/music sharing session.

The program design addresses family isolation especially in the early years of parenthood, offers a quality movement programing that is designed for both adults and children and is curated to reflect the diversity of Oakland’s families, breaking from negative stereotypes or lack of positive images they may face in their everyday life. We believe that the combination of these powerful tools will create an environment where communities feel respected, honored and empowered. 

Local and minority families benefit from this program by breaking a chain of isolation that can occur in families of young children, especially those with limited resources to pay for the events and classes which can create lasting connections and support systems. Toddlers move 2 Change enhances the wellbeing of children and parents with movement, song and sharing. Families cultivate lasting relationships and are motivated to join in future activities together, leading to overall support and healing; a true village movement.

Founders of Toddlers move2change Julie Marques and Soraya Hosni are both Oakland mothers of young children who are rooted in culture and community. As women of color, they have succeeded in creating meaningful programs, organizing small and large community events for the purposes of healing and run large centers and organizations in support of minorities, culture, youth and movement programs. They bring over 30 years of experience in community works, social justice and wellbeing for global communities.





Julie Marques

Co Founder Toddler’s move 2 Change

Julie Marques holds a degree in Anthropology, is a Pilates and dance instructor, founder of Healing Traditions, Core In Motion and move 2 Change and director of Amrita Dance Co. Julie studied and lived in Kathmandu, Nepal for two years where she trained in dance and co ran Kathmandu Centre of Healing. While there she created the fitness and wellness department for five star Dwarika Hotel and job trained low caste minorities a variety of healing modalities, making it possible for some for the first time to get married, buy a family home and even have children.
Julie’s passion is to create possibilities for connection and healing through movement classes, workshops and forums. She has dedicated the past thirty years to living in and supporting low income and minority communities, both indigenous and abroad and close to home in California. She currently teaches and trains at move 2 Change, Sebastopol and Oakland.

To find out more m2C Communities email: Julie@move2change.com