Julie Marques



Julie has taught dance and movement for over 20 years. She is founder of Lila Devi teen dance, Amrita Dance Co., Core In Motion, and Move2Change in Sebastopol, CA. As a child and young adult Julie’s need to express herself in movement was an essential part of life. She studied Ballet, Modern and Jazz dance as a child and teen but found herself unhappy in a highly competitive, unhealthy environment. From a young age she was reflective and thoughtful about her environment, her purpose and her surroundings and found that movement was her only real solace.
At 17 she switched from dance to Aikido, drawn to the quiet white, meditative inner world of Martial Arts. She then travelled to Nepal where she lived and studied Nepalese Classical dance for 2 years and to India to study dance and massage over a one year period. She spent an additional year with Sri Vishnu Lakpati learning Odissi dance basics. Spending almost her entire twenties travelling, studying and living abroad, Julie earned a BA in Cultural Anthropolgy and International Studies.