Barre classes develop core strength, alignment, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability. Combining Pilates, Ballet, strength training, cardio and dance moves, Barre classes tone whole body muscles and increase endurance. This class combines light weight use, balls, bands and mat with ballet rigor at the barre and cardio flow.


Julie’s classes are inspirational and foundational. She works deeply with body connections and how to apply these to every day life. She facilitates inner explorations while guiding people toward concrete mental, emotional and physical goals. Julie was inspired to train in Pilates by Mercy Sidbery and later bcame fully certified in Stott Pilates. She has over thirty years of training in movement and ten as a Pilates instructor.


Mat classes introduce and build Pilates fundamentals. They offer a good foundation for all Pilates exercises and train core muscle ability while keeping you safe. These exercises are learned and practiced in a group setting on mats with some light equipment such as stretchy bands, balls and fitness circles to name a few.


Pilates equipment works with pressure and light force of chords and springs to help movers access hard to feel core muscles and core muscle chains for greater mobility, flexibility, rehabilitation and strength training. Equipment includes work on reformers, chair, Cadillac, V2Max and Core Align. While training on Pilates equipment such as the the Reformer, Chair and Cadillac, movers work directly with the instructor to identify and  establish lasting body connections and develop a whole body movement practice. Core Align equipment work is done on standing equipment with two moving plates. The plates vary in tension to increase or decrease the challenge of the exercise. The Core Align fuses Pilates principles with vertical, every day type movements that become progressively more challenging. Great for all ages and levels.


Julie’s classes emphasize safe achievement of core ability. Her classes build from the beginning basics to more advanced concepts and exercise. They are safe and yet challenging for all levels and ages.


Pilates Barre: MON, WED, SAT 9-10AM.

Pilates Equipment Sessions: Schedule appointments by phone or online.