I believe we are designed to take in, process and out put like every other beautiful, clean, efficient and effective living structure we find in nature.

From an operations point of view, we are perfectly designed however, working with our bodies, we never reach a place of perfection; unless it is decided in our minds. The idea of perfection is a changing, evolving process so our decided mind can be steady in it’s decision to be recognize the changing nature of itself, but unchallenging in its basic makeup. The mechanics of our bodies twist along a spiraling muscular path in every direction, humming and ready to embody our deepest desires.
We thrive on inner clarity which creates an abundant flow of energy to nourish our cells. When this flow is interrupted, the body shows wear and tear, it breaks down. It tells us in every tiny way, “I’m designed for clarity. For letting go, for being free.”

The flow of nourishment can be increased or decreased by mental energy. The body is a also a reflective mirror, showing us what we hold inside. The body is our reflective interface between our inner and outer worlds. Here we take in, process and put out. Or not. Somewhere along the way in this process we may develop patterns of holding which can develop into body pain.

Moving the body can help ignite a mental and emotional clarity, helping the body re establish and regain its beautiful and natural integrity. I want to reach out to  all of holding in our various ways and encourage movement, all movement, different kinds of movement to energize, wake up and free the patterns we can so easily get stuck in. And as the body unleashes some inner trappings, be ready to hug and hold yourself and others. Encourage and congratulate yourself and others for having the courage to not only look in the mirror but to pick it up, put your arms around it and dance.

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